Welcome to Galaxy of Homes

At Galaxy of Homes, we cater to each individual's needs. Therefore, we can tailor make packages suitable to your needs and goals within finance and investment. We are qualified accountants which gives us a thorough understanding of the market and gives us a professional stance.

Our custom made packages encompass our comprehensive knowledge on investment models, yield percentages, Return on Investments and tax implications and allows us to offer the best advice to our clients.

In our industry, there are a lot of estate agents but few investment agents. We are a unique business because we are investment agents within the property industry. Our business allows people to invest in property.

The investment options that we offer are convenient for all people wanting to invest in property. A convenient choice for people who want a hands off investment service.



Our business allows for old homes and buildings to come alive again. We refurbish once unlivable homes and make them into sought after places for investing. We custom make our investment plans to suit our clients.